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Deux hommes regardent un ordinateur avec un air concentré.
Deux hommes regardent un ordinateur avec un air concentré.


From the design stage onwards, the Vizzia system has been designed to comply with the strictest regulations on privacy in public spaces.

All personal data is masked prior to image analysis (private areas, people, license plates).

As a result, the Vizzia system does not analyze the personal data of passers-by. Only the addition of rubbish is detected, without taking into account people or vehicles.

Downstream of the automated processing, only authorised agents (via video surveillance) have access to the original data, which is stored in encrypted form.

Respect for the right to object

  • Agents only have access to filing sequences (a few minutes per day).
  • Only agents abilities have access to unblurred images of polluters.
  • Treatment and access can be done by differed from several hours to several days, which allows the city to respond to an administrator asserting its right to object.
  • This delayed operation allows any city using the Vizzia software to be aligned with the recommendations of the RGPD applied by the CNIL with regard to the respect of the right to object.

Secured data

To guarantee data protection, the Vizzia solution meets the highest requirements in terms of enhanced security:

  • Encrypting all data at rest
  • Encryption of all data in transit
  • Regular audits

We encrypt the data of end-to-end : from the camera to the customer's end server, via 4G/5G transmissions and VPN.

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