Put an end to illegal waste dumping with Vizzia

Discover the first end-to-end solution designed to improve your city’s cleanliness and uplift the well-being of your community

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Une personne marchant dans une rue pavée
This once was an illegal waste dumping spot

Outstanding results:


Decrease in abandoned waste over a 6-months period


Detection per camera per month on average


Recovered expenses on waste collection and treatment

“The solution alerts us to instances of dumping. An agent can then spend approximately twenty minutes reviewing the images (...) Impunity is no longer an option.”


Police’s Chief of Montelimar

“Vizzia has increased tenfold our efficiency in reviewing footage, thanks to its accurate and powerful AI algorithm.”


Video Surveillance Project Manager of South Corsica

“Following the implementation of the VizziaCam, we've observed a significant reduction in the incidence of illegal dumping.”


Security Officer of Montelimar

“Following our trial, the product has proven to be outstanding: since its installation, we've successfully identified numerous polluters responsible for illegal dumping, all captured with excellent image quality.”


City Councilor of Valbonne

“The detection rate is exceptionally high."


Police Chief of Montelimar

Eradicate wild deposits with the
Vizzia method: -80% in 6 months

Thanks to Vizzia technology and support, you enable the community and agents to better protect your territory and the living environment of its inhabitants.

Try the first end-to-end service fully dedicated to combating littering and waste dumping.

  • Gain access to quick-deploy cameras, paired with a powerful SAAS platform and support from specialized experts.
  • Manage dozens of offenses per camera each month effortlessly with fully-automated procedures.
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Un écran d'ordinateur affichant l'interface VizziaUn écran d'ordinateur affichant l'interface Vizzia

Unique AI tech to streamline monitoring for your team

  • The first-ever algorithm designed solely to detect abandoned waste events, without any false alert (ie : waste moving, waste removal, vehicles, people passing by, lighting changes).
  • Maximize your team's efficiency by focusing their efforts on critical tasks rather than sifting through endless footage.
  • Access precise sequences, bypassing the need to filter through thousands of images found in conventional video surveillance systems!

Undeniable evidence to apply the polluter pays principle.

  • With two separate, mobile lenses for comprehensive scene coverage (license plates and surroundings)
  • Benefit from a 25x optical zoom ensuring plate readability up to 50m, day and night
  • Equipped with VizziaCam V4 on a solar panel, enjoy up to 6 months of autonomy, offering a portable device that can be set up even in remote locations
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Un écran avec une image de voiture, deux caméras sont posées à côté.Un écran avec des images d'une plaque d'immatriculation d'une voiture.
Un écran d'ordinateur affichant l'interface VizziaUn écran d'ordinateur affichant l'interface Vizzia

Identify offenders and complete the procedures whenever you want

  • Beyond detection, automate the entire enforcement process: from generating simple warnings to fines or legal actions
  • Dispatch warnings and fines directly to offenders' doorsteps with a single click
  • Track the status of each case through the platform's interface.

Deploy in full compliance!
We pave the way!

  • Personalized and ongoing support
  • Identify and analyze pain points
  • Operational and technical support
  • Request and follow-up of the prefectural decree.
  • Impact analysis and compliance with the data regulator.
  • Online and on-site user training
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Photo de trois membres de l'équipe VizziaPhoto de trois membres de l'équipe Vizzia

Take a look on Vizzia’s impact:
from day one!

Rue en France avec des voitures garées sur le côté sans aucun déchet.Rue en France avec des voitures garées sur le côté avec des déchets sauvages sur le trottoir.

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